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We are Visual Storytellers 


We see our role as design communication professionals with a strong multimedia and architecture background, tasked with clearly translating architectural designs into captivating and engaging imagery.


We believe architectural visualization is so much more than beautiful renders of future buildings. Our creations are composed to convey stories, invoke feelings, inspire the audience, and invite the viewer to engage.

About Us

About us

ArchViz is an Architectural Visualization studio dedicated to creating realistic visualizations and interactive media for the (un)built environment. As a part of the Maritime Digital Art and Design, Ltd (MDAD) group of companies, we are 100% Canadian-owned and operated, located in downtown Halifax Nova Scotia, with projects across the globe. Our founder is a Canadian multimedia specialist with extensive background in the virtual built environment industry, starting in 2005.

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How we work

Our team consists of design and construction professionals which enables us to understand our clients' needs, appreciate their constraints, and know their requirements.

Our work is a collaborative process and our clients come to us for the complete package, not just a 3D visualization but creation of interactive media. Through this collaboration, we are able to understand client and project requirements and make suggestions leading to design and cost improvements.

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Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality - Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Imagine experiencing the feel and look of a project in person and first-hand, before it’s built. Imagine figuring out design complications in real-time, or having the option to change materials and textures or the entire layout with a press of a button. 


Our VR and AR services propose a fundamental shift in visualization and design assistive technologies that change the way that you conceive a project and demonstrate the built environment.

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Architectural Visualization

As the industry leaders in the Maritimes for providing visualization solutions for top architectural practices and developers we aim to enhance, show and demonstrate the architectural ideal beyond the form into the meta-physical and create a factual realistic image of what it will be, when built, for each and every project.

Having a broad range of experience with prominent architectural practices and developers in Canada and from around the world, our expatriates enable a unique technical yet eye-catching artistic approach that entices the viewer and delivers aesthetic results driven from the design process.

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How we add value and reduce conflict

Imagine having a crystal ball that shows you the future and enables you to create the correct image of the project around a singular vision that reduces cost while increasing buy-in and unanimous understanding amongst all stakeholders.


By creating realistic scalable visualizations we provide a factual image and provide a tool for demonstration of what the project will look like, leading to a complete understanding of the final results and reducing conflict between designers, contractors, and project owners. 


Contact us to discuss your requirements and how our team can add value to your project.


Added value for the designers and architects,

In some instances, ideas can’t immediately be translated into a specific design or at times some stakeholders may not have the vision or the ability to visualize the design based on technical drawings or project briefs, that is why it is so important to get the project vision right from the very beginning.


Our work and collaborative process enable the designers to see in real imagery how their design will be realized, how it will fit in with the actual environment and the landscape, and allow them to see their design and vision in real-time without costly mistakes.


Having realistic visualizations enables the designers to present their vision to clients and to gain approval from their clients.


Added value for the project owners and developers,

Our work makes it simple to understand what they are investing in and adjust drawings and plans prior to breaking ground.


It also creates an effective tool for getting municipal and community stakeholders’ buy-in and presenting them with a realistic image of the added value the project will bring to the city and community.


Our Clients 


A snapshot of who we’ve worked with. We are proud to work with them.