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About us

ArchViz is an Architectural Visualization studio dedicated to creating realistic visualizations and interactive media for the (un)built environment. As a part of the Maritime Digital Art and Design, Ltd (MDAD) group of companies, we are 100% Canadian-owned and operated, located in downtown Halifax Nova Scotia, with projects across the globe. Our founder is a Canadian multimedia specialist with an extensive background in the virtual built environment industry, starting in 2005.


Throughout the years MDAD’s business model evolved to designing and creation of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) training, simulation, and immersive games. Due to the highly technical requirements in the built environment and to better serve our clients, In 2015 we invested in launching with enhanced operations with the primary focus in the built environment.  


As a part of this investment and enhanced operational model, we adopted a hybrid project model which includes process flow mapping, process monitoring, structured reporting, and an assigned Project Manager to each client. This model has substantially increased our ability to service our clients and improved the quality of project delivery.


Working for many years with the architecture and construction industry means that we are so much more than a visualization company, we understand design and construction, we know the jargon and speak the language, we know the industry culture, we appreciate the hurdles and constraints, we know the requirements.  


Our core team includes Architects and Interior Designers, Multimedia Specialists, CGI Artists, creative Graphic Designers, VR/AR Specialists, QA/QC Testers, certified Accessibility Professionals, senior Project Managers, and Schedulers who understand the industry requirements and appreciate its challenges.

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