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Our services

Whether it's Exterior Rendering which tells a story to draw more interest or Interior Renderings that showcase the interior design, it's imperative to get the project vision right from the very beginning.


Our insight and industry experience has taught us that every client is unique and every project is different with varying priorities and constraints which require tailor-made service solutions. 


Whether you require just a few 3D renderings, Virtual or Augmented reality, to complete end-to-end project visualization solutions, we are able to tailor-make solutions to fit your specific requirements.


Having a tech-development company as our parent organization means that not only our skills and craftsmanship are powered and enhanced by the most up-to-date tech solutions and technologies, but that we have the capability to develop our own proprietary software solutions to meet specific client requirements. 


Contact us to discuss your requirements and how our team can add value to your project.

Mixed Reality - Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Imagine experiencing the feel and look of a project in person and first-hand, before it’s built. Imagine figuring out design complications in real-time, or having the option to change materials and textures or the entire layout with a press of a button. 


Our VR and AR services propose a fundamental shift in visualization and design assistive technologies that change the way that you conceive a project and demonstrate the built environment.

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Architectural Visualization

As the industry leaders in the Maritimes for providing visualization solutions for top architectural practices and developers we aim to enhance, show and demonstrate the architectural ideal beyond the form into the meta-physical and create a factual realistic image of what it will be, when built, for each and every project.

Having a broad range of experience with prominent architectural practices and developers in Canada and from around the world, our expatriates enable a unique technical yet eye-catching artistic approach that entices the viewer and delivers aesthetic results driven from the design process.

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3D Motion Walkthroughs and Flyovers

3D Animation provides a visual story experience for the project by offering the 4th dimension through the utilization of a cinematographic approach, we produce digital moving content that alongside motion graphics and imagery craft a visual story experience.


Concept Art

In some cases, ideas cannot immediately be translated into a specific design, but rather an exploration of the potential to aim for.


Our 3D concept art services enable the designers and developers to get the project vision right from the very beginning to ensure that the project vision reaches its full potential even before a team of designers is in place, ensuring that the most ambitious of visions are understood prior to design.

3D Floor Plans

As part of our services, we provide 3D floor plans that accurately present the interior layout of a project. Our 3D floor plans present a unique perspective that makes it easier to understand the size and layout of a space and its design.

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