Mixed Reality - Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Imagine experiencing the feel and look of a project in person and first-hand, before it’s built. Imagine figuring out design complications in real-time, or having the option to change materials and textures or the entire layout with a press of a button. 


Our VR and AR services propose a fundamental shift in visualization and design assistive technologies that change the way that you conceive a project and demonstrate the built environment.


Our team of expert developers build upon your vision and technical specifications to create an immersive experience, placing the architect, interior designers, developers, trades, and clients in the middle of the project to experience all it has to offer.


We offer various solutions that fit into each realm, from concept to final marketing plan Including:

Immersive Stereoscopic real-time VR, 360 VR Walkthroughs, AR or VR Interactive guided tours, and much more.